[SOUNDBITEZ] Paloalto’s solo album coming soon


The head oh Hi-Lite Records Paloalto coming back with a solo album on the 25th on November after 2 years. the album ‘Chief life‘ will be released both online and offline. The album will contain 13 tracks. Check the track list below!

Track List
1. Ideal Moment [prod.by Cadillac]
2. Timeless [prod.by 250]
3. Chief Life [prod.by DJ YTst]
4. Sweet Season [prod.by Z-Lo]
5. Genuine (feat. Okasian, B-Free) [prod.by S'WAY.D]
6. Circle (feat. 화지) [prod.by 250]
7. 만월 (Full Moon) [prod.by Kima]
8. 솔선수범 [prod.by Kima]
9. Free Speech Interlude [prod.by 소리헤다]
10. 유명세 (feat. Reddy) [prod.by Z-Lo]
11. Nice Life (feat. Basick) [prod.by Tony Fadd]
12. Renaissance [prod.by S'WAY.D]
13. 또 봐 (Au revoir) [prod.by Coke Jazz]

cr.: rokhiphop

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[SOUNDZUP] P-Type releases Lyrical Saurus


Rapper P-Type of BrandNew Music Entertainment has released a free track titled ‘Lyrical Saurus’ after 3 regular album releases the past year. P-Type once again shows his brilliant lyrical skills in this song.

Go take a listen and tell us what you think!

cr.: rokhiphop

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[SOUNDZUP] STI releases song featuring Ultima


STi releases new digital single ‘Look at me now’ featuring Freestyle Town’s CEO Ultima. It is said that this song will be featured on STi’s 4th album which will be released early next year. The producing of the song was done by STi and High Flies.


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[SOUNDZUP] Rico releases ‘Bad on the Bed’


Daze Alive Music label’s R&B singer Rico releases digital single ‘Bad on the Bed. The song was produced by Yella Diamond the head producer of Daze Alive Music. This is Rico’s 3rd single in a row and t is said that soon a music video will come with this song which is directed by Vismajor’s Deepflow.

Stay tuned for the music video!

cr.: rokhiphop

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Hiphop Artist: FANA
Label: His not under any label right now.
Crew: Buckwilds

Twitter contact: @TheUglyGoblin
Facebook contact: facebook.com/TheUglyGoblin

Fana is one of the most multi-fuctional artist i’ve know lately in the khiphop scene. He’s producing music, raps, organizes the Ugly Junction Live concert series and even does radio programs with DJ Wegun.
He is called as “the rhyme monster” because he shows abundant and meticulous rhyming in his lyrics.

He was inspired by an underground hip-hop club concert in Master Plan and started to grow his dreams to become a rap artist since he was a middle school student. He sharpened his skills for numerous years and later on met his high school senior, The Quiett who brought him into Soul Company.

In 2003, he formed a project team choi...

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[UNFOUNDED SOUNDZ] Syler, Spitta Solz and COCCA

Syler – Syler Time


TBMG, FlowFellaz crew Syler’s first mixtape Syler time with a total of 12 songs. Syler was auditioning for SMTM2 but he unfortunately got disqualified. My only problem is that his voice goes by the dozen. Of course he did a good job with the instrumentals chosen, but for me it’s just didn’t hit hard enough. He choosed some kickass and clubby songs together. I specially liked the song Pinshot produced(난리부르스).

Track List

1.Intro [Prod. Pinshot]

2.Jump (Feat. Layboy) [MGK - Wild boy]

3.Get out of ma face [Huckleberry P - Rap Badr Hari]

4.Started from the bottom (Feat. DJ Kendricx) [Lil Wayne - It's Good]

5.We can go hard (Feat. G2, Dazzle) [Meek mill - 100 Hunnit]

6.꼴통 (Feat. Gganmo) [Pusha T - Trouble on ma mind]

7.Come on [J...

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[SOUNDZUP] Scotch VIP drops a cover of EXO’s ‘Growl’

Royal Class’ Scotch VIP has just released his version of of K-pop idol group EXO’s ‘Growl’! Check out this short but skilled track and share your thoughts below!

SOURCE: Scotch VIP’s Twitter

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[SOUNDZUP] i11evn releases new track ‘벌어’


FACTORYBOi Production’s i11evn releases new track ‘벌어’. The labels head producer FAME-J worked on the beats for the song.
The song is also available on iTunes as well as Korean music sites.

cr.: FACTORYBOi Production’s twitter

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[SOUNDZUP] DJ Tiz disses DJ Dopsh



It seems like DJ Tiz has some issues with DJ Dopsh so he made a diss track about him. Between all the “fuck”-s and “motherfuckers” the song isn’t saying to much other than Dopsh is a wack DJ. The song itself was produced by DJ Tiz and Scary’P.
Take a listen to the track and tell us what you think:

cr.: rokhiphop


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[SOUNDZUP] Kanto’s ‘Young Blood’ is out


Brand New Music‘s Kanto has came back with his second mixtape titled ‘Young Blood’. On October 11 he released a total 12 track album with label mates and friends from SMTM2 such as: Swings, Kang Minhee(Miss $), DinDin, Olltii, Sik-K.
The mixtape is representing all the sharp tongued new rappers on the hiphop scene: “The Young Bloods”. The songs were produced by MasterKey, BrandNew Music’s head producer.
The mixtape doesn’t have any big diversion between music genres, which makes it ‘whole’. There’s no dissension. Well built up and there isn’t a song where you could stop your head banging. The Bonus Track hit my brain real hard. Awesome! I recommend the whole mixtape to everybody!

Download links:
Soundcloud / MF 

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